Running for Peace & Dignity

On a chilly January morning, a faint chanting sound could be heard coming from Lemon Park in Fullerton. Dressed in Latin American indigenous clothing, a group of mostly Orange County residents gathered in… Continue reading

A Gracious Life Cut Short

It’s a quiet, affluent suburb in Orange County with residents who have been there for decades. Known as a safe city, it is seen as an ideal place for families to raise their… Continue reading

Reality of Brutality

Theresa Smith has been feeling sick for the past few days. She has a fever and chills. She joked with her family that she has typhoid fever. Instead of resting in bed, she… Continue reading

Enhancing The Youth

On the night of April 29, 2009 two adults and seven juveniles were arrested in the 300 block of Truslow Avenue in Fullerton suspected of felony vandalism. According to the OC Register, the… Continue reading

Breaking Through the Barrier

There is a battle raging every Wednesday night in Fullerton among youths. They are not fighting with guns or knives. Not with harsh words or threats. Their weapons? Their most impressive dance moves.… Continue reading

There Goes the Child ‘Hood

A mother sweeps the front porch and hoses down her yard. Two young girls about the age of six or seven, one of them with pink bows tied around her bouncy pigtails, skip… Continue reading

The Town We Live In

Driving down the street, there is a man with a smooth swagger wearing a stylish zoot suit leaning against a low-ride car. On the other side of the street, a mysterious woman donning… Continue reading